Product development strategy to maximise return on investment

The message that new products require a strong evidence package to support them in the market is now well accepted.  The benefits of planning clinical trials and collecting all the evidence required in a series of well constructed studies is also well accepted; but the difficulties of putting this into practice, especially with the pressure to meet regulatory milestones, are huge.


Early in product development there is a strong focus on safety and efficacy but as a product nears the market it becomes clear that cost effectiveness data is required and it can be expensive and time consuming to have to go back and collect this data retrospectively.

This topic was debated at the EuroMedTech conference in Linz earlier this month.В  A group of experts including Translucency’s Managing Director Dr Mark Charny contributed to a round table discussion. Hear what Mark and the other panellists had to say or contact Translucency for more information.


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