Selling is difficult – and even more so for healthcare products. Regulatory approval is not guarantee of success for your product.

We can work with your product at any stage of its life cycle, but we get the best results when you come to us at the very start. You may work with medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics or services -we can help. We’re experienced in all areas and we work with all body systems.

Clinical data and robust evidence

Clinical trials can be expensive and slow but you need clinical data to prove that your product is safe and effective. We can help you design clinical trials that also generate data to support reimbursement as well as meet regulatory requirements. Our experts will use their first-hand experience of clinical trials, guidelines and audit to prepare robust and logical trials that will save you time, money and stress.

If you need formal applications to secure or enhance reimbursements, we can help you with that too. And we can demonstrate repeated successes in applying for procedure codes and reimbursement listings if you’re at that stage.



Powerful, evidence-based messages to support your business case

We’ll work with you to develop a robust business case at launch. Your data will show that your product is safe and effective – but we will help you show key decision-makers its value relative to other interventions.

Our experience of healthcare systems across Western Europe means we can tailor your business case to each key decision-maker, giving you the best chance of success in each market.

Convince the right people, at the right time,
in the right way

It’s not enough to have a compelling, believable business case for your product. You need to put it in front of the right decision-makers, at the right time, and present it in such a way that it’s appealing to them.

Our established network of contacts means we can find the right people. We can help you to persuade doctors and nurses to prescribe or use your product. We can help you make the best case to government and regulatory bodies to recommend or approve it. And we can help you get the best reimbursement possible.


We do this by producing deliverables with powerful, evidence-based messages that support your business case. We put your messages into clear, compelling language that the people you need to convince can easily understand – whether they’re experts in your field or not. We do all this within any standard application requirements or frameworks you may need to follow. Call us and we’ll meet any deadline you can throw at us (we’ve never missed one yet).

Increase market share and improve your ROI

If you’ve already launched your product and it’s not returning the value you expect, we’ll find out what went wrong and help you put it right. If you’ve run into problems with a payer assessment, we will help you to challenge it. We’ll go right back to basics if that’s what it takes.

Even if you’re not at the start of your product life cycle, we can help. Call us – let’s see if we can increase your return on investment.

We secure the best possible results for your product – fast

We start with the evidence: we study scientific literature, health service activity, disease patterns and market research.

Then we take all the evidence and relate it to your product. We use it to build compelling arguments and believable messages.

Next we produce information and reports that are appropriate to your product, your needs and the people you need to reach. We give you the evidence-based tools you need to support your product in the market.

We’re based in the UK and understand its health systems intimately. And our local experts work closely with health systems in 14 other countries in Western Europe, so you only need to work with us. We’ll navigate the reimbursement and regulatory processes in different countries for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your product.

You’ve invested heavily in your product, so it makes sense to give it the best chance of success. Call us today and we’ll show you how we can help you get better reimbursement, faster.