Tomas speaks Swedish, English and German, which means he can make your business case in the Nordic markets with perfect clarity.

Tomas’s expertise in market research in the Nordic markets can help you gain market access and excellent reimbursement for your product. His skills performing ROI calculations will help you to forecast as accurately as possible and enable you to plan your product launch effectively.

Tomas also produces excellent models to optimise patient flow in clinical trials, making sure your trials work efficiently and effectively.

He specialises in identifying key opinion leaders and programmes, enabling you to reach the right people with your product.

Before he started working with Translucency, Tomas gained his business skills and experience in the medical product industry. He worked as interim brand manager for infectious diseases at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He then took on the role of interim marketing director of orthopaedics at Genzyme, before moving onto Roche Pharma. He was marketing manager in Sweden, then marketing director in Norway.

If the Nordic market is part of your product plan, call us now. We’ll help you get the access and reimbursement you need.

Tomas Ludvigsson, Associate
Tomas Ludvigsson, Associate